Flyer® App. Distribute and receive
digital flyers!

On smartphones. On tablets. On The Internet.

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Distribute flyers

Your flyers.
At any place. At any time.

You determine: Location and radius. Start and end time. Images and text.

iOS Version   Android Version

Your advantages

No graphic- and printing costs

No graphic- and
printing costs

Of course you can ask a professional graphic designer to design your flyer, but you don't have to.

No transport costs

transport costs

Your print shop will never send you heavy boxes again. Even million flyers do not weigh anything.

No storage costs

storage costs

Do you know the problem of stacked boxes in too small rooms? History.

No distribution costs

distribution costs

No costs for flyer distribution or paperboys. Your flyers end up where you want them. In your customers' hands.

Your flyers.
In an unlimited edition.

Even questions about your print quantity are history.
Flyer® offers unlimited editions in your distribution area.

How it works

Create your flyer

Insert image and text or
upload your well designed flyer.
Setting parameters

Select category, time period and
the drop zone of your flyer.
Distribute flyers

Distribute flyers in an unlimited edition.
Worldwide. Lightning fast. For free.


Distribute flyers.
In 3 minutes.

  • Distribute flyers on smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android)
  • Distribute flyers via this website. (Distribute now)
  • Worldwide. Point-exactly. Inside a radius.
  • Every flyer is at its destination within seconds.
  • You can upload up to 24 pages per flyer.
  • Professional flyers
  • Create your selfmade flyers (Photo(s) + Text)
  • Portrait and landscape format.
  • Just create, upload and it's done!


Drag the smartphones into the drop zone to simulate the functionality of the flyer app.

Drop Zone

Drop Zone
Radius in which a flyer is distributed.

Search Area
Radius that is used by a Flyer® app user.

The flyer will be displayed on users' smartphones.

The flyer will not be displayed on users' smartphones.

Examples of application

Classic distribution


Store Promotion


Missing persons


Virtual Noticeboard


Receive flyers

Receive flyers.
Nearby. Worldwide.

Works on desktops, tablets, smartphones.
iOS 7.1, Android 2.2.3 (Froyo) or later.
On the web and as app.

iOS Version   Android Version

How it works

Select a location

Click "Nearby" or "Worldwide", to see flyers and locations within the selected area.
Select a category

Lots of interesting categories are already available. We add new categories permanently, so that you can get flyers and information about many locations.
Flyers and locations

You will find flyers and locations in the results. Receiving flyers has never been easier. Don't hesitate to distribute your flyer.

Technical data

Flyer® works in Wi-Fi
and mobile networks

The Flyer® app can be used in the wireless network and the mobile network. Depending on the available bandwidth of the mobile network and your mobile service plan, it may sometimes be more convenient to use the Flyer® app in the wireless network.


For the distribution of a flyer via a desktop PC, we have tested the following browsers: Firefox 10 or newer, Safari 5 or newer, Chrome 10 or newer, Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Opera 9.5 or newer. The website was developed on Google Chrome, so you can expect best performance by using Google Chrome.

Devices, operating systems, system requirements

Flyers can be distributed with desktop PCs, iOS devices (iOS 7.1 or later) and Android devices (2.2.3 (Froyo) or later).

Pre-designed flyers and photos

You can use pre-designed flyers or photos taken with your smartphone or tablet.

Number of pages
per flyer

A flyer can have up to 24 pages. Pre-designed flyers and photos can be combined.

Pixels and image size

To ensure a good image quality within the Flyer® app, a flyer should have at least 320x320 pixels.

Aspect ratio
and orientation

The aspect ratio of a flyer is freely selectable, taking into account the minimum height and minimum width. Flyers will be scaled by using the "Scale to fit" method.

Tip: The aspect ratio of the screen resolution of most mobile devices is between 1.33:1 and 1.775:1. If a flyer should be displayed optimally on many devices, the aspect ratio of this flyer should be within these limits. If a flyer should be displayed perfectly on a specific device, your flyer should have the same aspect ratio as the screen resolution of this device.

File size

If the file size of an uploaded page of a flyer is too large, the file size will be automatically reduced to 500 KB or smaller. Therefore the file size doesn't matter when uploading a flyer.

Supported file formats

When uploading a flyer on the website or in the app the following image formats are accepted: .jpeg / .jpg / .png


In the booking form you must select a category, in which your flyer shall be published. If a category is not yet in the category list, a proposal for a new category can be sent to us via email. (Email)

Location and radius
Drop Zone
Search Area

You can enter a place or an address. Around this location you can specify a radius. We call it the "Drop Zone". Your flyer is available after successful publication on any compatible device within your drop zone. Users of the Flyer® app can not only search for flyers nearby, but also in faraway places. We call it the "Search Area". Your flyer will also be displayed on any compatible device, if the search area of the user and your drop zone touch or intersect. (Graphic simulation)

Distribution period

You can enter a start date and an end date. In some categories you can only enter the duration of your flyer distribution. If today's date is chosen, your distribution will start immediately after successful publication and will end on the selected date at the same time. If the start date of your campaign is in the future, the distribution always starts at 00:00:00 of the selected date and ends at 23:59:59 on the selected end date.

your flyer

You can add important information to your flyer. This includes: "Title of your flyer" (max. 100 characters), "Description text", "email address" and "Website". If your flyer only consists of photos that were taken with a smartphone or tablet, you should use this possibility to add information to your photos.

Other useful

In case that you made mistakes during the publication of your flyer, you can correct them in "My Account". For further assistance use the support request. (


Currently the website and the app is available in nine languages: German, English, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese