for the use of the services to distribute a digital flyer via and the Flyer App (iOS, Android)

§ 1 Language

The General Terms and Conditions (abbreviated below as “GTCs”) are available in German and English.

The GTCs form part of the agreement between you (the customer) and us (the provider and operator of the website and the Flyer App). Only the German version is contractually binding. Translations are only provided to allow you to understand our service offer and are not legally binding. By accepting the GTCs, you confirm that you can understand the contents in one of the two languages.

§ 2 Legal capacity

If you distribute a flyer via the Flyer App or, you confirm and ensure that you are legally capable and your legal capacity is not restricted. If you are not yet of legal age, you confirm that you have asked your parent or guardian’s approval in advance.

§ 3 Conclusion of a contract

When a flyer is published on the website, in the iOS app or in the Android app, a contract is concluded between you and us. You must register to be able to publish a flyer. You confirm that you have entered all the data for the registration completely and correctly and will check to ensure the data are up to date before publishing a new flyer.

§ 4 Data privacy

All the data you enter will be treated strictly confidentially and only saved on our servers for as long as is necessary or required by law. We do not require any other data privacy regulations as we do not save any other personal data concerning you or the users of the Flyer App.

§ 5 Scope of services

We offer you a service which makes it possible to distribute or receive digital flyers all around the world on smartphones on which the Flyer App is installed. This can be done using the iOS app, the Android app or our website: Flyers can be published in different categories with different scopes. Flyers can have a number of front pages and you can include important textual information on the rear of the flyer. Flyers can be uploaded in portrait and landscape formats. You can upload your finished, designed flyers or use the camera function on your smartphone. Our application examples offer you suggestions of how others are already contributing to making and the Flyer App the most environmentally protective idea in the world. We are looking forward to your application examples and ideas.

§ 6 Flyer Guidelines, Copyright, Rights of use

The flyer guidelines are intended to guarantee respectful cooperation.

Flyer guidelines:

  1. Your flyer must not breach any applicable laws in the country you or the flyer supplier comes from or the country or countries (in case of international flyer distribution) where the flyer will be distributed.
  2. Your flyer must respect all religions.
  3. Your flyer must not include any discriminatory or anti-Semitic contents.
  4. Your flyer must not include any pornographic contents or other contents unsuitable for children.
  5. Your flyer must not include any messages, images or words which glorify violence.
  6. Your flyer must respect all creatures.
  7. Your flyer must not breach any copyrights.

The Flyer App community has the option of reporting flyers which breach these guidelines. Following checking, reserves the right to block the corresponding flyer and ban the user from the Flyer App and if he/she breaches the guidelines a second time.

As long as you adhere to the guidelines, we will be delighted to receive your flyer and thank you for helping to protect our wonderful planet and our environment sustainably.

§ 7 Right of withdrawal

If you would like to cancel the publication of a flyer prematurely, please use the “Withdraw flyer” link in your account.

§ 8 Corrections

In case that an already published flyer contains an error, that can not be corrected in "My flyers" in the customer´s backend, please send an e-mail with the Flyer ID and the e-mail address that was used in the registration to

§ 9 Success reports

Some of our categories such as the Job Market (Offers), Job Market (Searches), Missing Persons, Missing Animals and Missing Objects are aimed at helping the users of and the Flyer App. If you are successful after using our service, we would be delighted if you could inform us of this and allow us to report the success. For example, in the case of Missing Persons, this can be achieved using a stamp saying “Found using the Flyer App”.

§ 10 System stability

We try to offer you the best possible service and are working on optimal system stability based on our own interest.

§ 11 Costs

We are currently offering this service completely free of charge. We would be happy if you could recommend

§ 12 Deactivate Account

To disable an account please login and go to "My account". Click on "Deactivate Account".

§ 13 Retention period

The retention periods are stipulated exclusively by German law and extend for between six and ten years starting with the end of the calendar year in which the document or information was created / the account was deactivated.

§ 14 Liability

As our service is currently offered free of charge, you hereby release us from all liability.

§ 15 Applicable law

Federal German law applies.

§ 16 Legal venue

The legal venue is Hamburg, Germany.

§ 17 Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

Our GTCs may be amended in the future. These amendments will not be notified separately as you are shown the respectively valid GTCs every time you upload a flyer into the system and receive them as an attachment in a confirmation mail.